METCALFE – Several 4-H regional competitions were hosted throughout the weekend during the Metcalfe Fair (Thurs., Sept. 28 to Sun., Oct. 1), with the best showpersons coming out on top of their classes.

Troy Dooley showed his heifer during the novice showmanship class.

Results of each competition have been trickling in since the fair weekend, with several local members placing in the top three of each category.

4-H Dairy Regional Show

There were 23 participants in the novice showmanship category of the 4-H dairy show on Sat., Sept. 30, with Emily McQuat placing first, Taylor Mathers from Dundas County placing second, and Prescott’s Cooper Smith coming in third.

In the junior showmanship class, 25 entries were judged, with first-place honours going to Courtney Orser from Frontenac, Tucker Smith from Prescott taking second place, and Emily Scheepers from Dundas County coming in third place.

Ashlyn Cooper (left, third), Trevor Velthuis (second), Troy Dooley (first), and judge Connor MacGregor was pictured during the Holstein class.

Twenty-two 4-H members competed in the intermediate category, with Megan Gut from Prescott coming out on top, Frontenac’s Clarissa McCallum placing second, and Megan Morrison from Carleton County taking home the third-place prize.

In the senior showmanship category, Cassidy Reaney from Carleton placed first in her class, Rachel Clow from Frontenac was given second place, and Caitlin Jampen from North Grenville placed third out of 21 participants.

Megan Gut from Precott was named the show’s champion showperson, while Courtney Orser from Frontenac was given the reserve champion showperson title.

4-H Holstein Heifer Showcase

In two heats, 29 participants competed in the junior Holstein show, with Lesa Vanbokhorst from Carleton taking home first-place prizes, Brianna Potter, also from Carleton, placing second, and Stormont County’s Nadia Uhr being named the third-place winner.

Jordan Robinson spent time with his heifer before the show.

In the intermediate Holstein showcase, Carleton’s Connor Velthuis was named the top showperson, while Prescott’s Tucker Smith placed second, and Frontenac’s Rachel Clow came in third place out of 39 entries.

There were 28 participants in the senior Holstein class – Chad Henderson from Carleton came in first place, Lanark’s Evan Paul was named the second-place winner, and Sheldon Shane from Leeds-Grenville came in third place.

Senior Holstein  (2 heats 28 entries)

In the summer yearling Holstein heifer category, 12 participants competed for the top spot, with Brendan Velthuis of Carleton County placing first, Isabella Poirier from Glengarry placing second, and Brandon Scheepers of Dundas County coming in third place.

Of the six entries in the junior yearling Holstein show, Connor Halpenny of Grenville placed first, Justin Velthuis of Carleton placed second, and Cassidy Smith of Stormont took home the third-place prize.

Brendan Velthuis of the Carleton 4-H club was given the champion Holstein heifer title, while Connor Halpenny of Grenville was named the reserve champion.

4-H Beef Heifer Championship show

The champion novice beef showperson title was given to Rebecca Hess of Carleton County, who received an award from Tanya Zandbelt of Farm Credit
Canada. Jared Hunter of Frontenac was named the novice reserve champion of the day.

In the junior beef competition, Teegan Hamilton of Grenville took home the title of champion showperson, receiving an award from the Quebec 4-H club, while Ryan Lang of Pontiac was named the reserve champion beef showperson.

Carleton County’s Kaitlin Cavanagh was named the champion intermediate showperson, and received an award from Ross Giles and Julie Denison of Fusion Livestock in Metcalfe. Denver Bolton of Frontenac was named the reserve champion of the intermediate category.

Holly Sommerville of Dundas County took home the champion senior beef showperson title, and received a trophy from the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, while Sidni Hobbs of Carleton County took home the reserve senior champion prize.

The day’s overall grand champion was Carleton’s Kaitlin Cavanagh, who received a plaque and award from the Ottawa Valley Shorthorn Breeders, while Holly Sommerville received the reserve champion showperson honour.

Championship Sheep Show

Emma Acres of the Carleton County 4-H Club took home several awards during the championship sheep show, including the junior showmanship’s top award, the grand champion title, and the champion breeding ewe lamb award.

Isabelle Nadeau of Grenville was named the champion novice showperson during the 4-H sheep show, while Abbey Flinn, also from Grenville, was named the novice reserve champion.

In the junior showmanship class, Emma Acres from Carleton County came out of top, while Millie Cathcart of Grenville was named the reserve showperson.

Rhiannah Gallagher of Carleton County was given the champion showperson title in the intermediate category, while Lanark’s Kristen Kelly took home the reserve title.

In the senior category, Carleton’s Zachary Zuiderveen placed first, while Jordan Schoenfeldt of Renfrew placed second.

The sheep show’s grand champion title was given to Carleton’s Emma Acres, who received an award from Dow Farms of Alberta, while Isabella Nadeau of Grenville was named the reserve grand champion, and received an award from the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers of Carleton Place.

The champion market lamb top award went to Darren McCord of Carleton, while the reserve award went to Isabella Williams of Grenville. 

Emma Acres also took home the champion breeding ewe lamb award, with Sarah Walsh of Grenville placing in the reserve spot.

Connor Velthuis (second) and Christian MacDonald (first) competed in the junior showmanship category. Press Photos – Gosselin