Great Waterway Hearing owners Debbie Boehm (third from left) and Thomas Pilla celebrated the opening of their east end Morrisburg Plaza clinic Fri., Sept. 22 alongside Municipality of South Dundas Councillor Archie Mellan (back, left), Mayor Evonne Delegarde (front, left), and Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and MP Guy Lauzon. It’s the second site for the company, which first opened in Brockville last year. According to Boehm and Pilla, the seaway village was an ideal location for a clinic due to the high volume of area clients heading to Brockville for service. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I’d add that it takes a village to raise a business,” Boehm said. “Our family and friends, and people we met a year ago have all helped us make this happen.” Beyond the clinic, the duo also specializes in at-home services. Press Photo – Uhrig