MORRISBURG – At Tues., Oct. 3’s council meeting, South Dundas council decided to defer any repairs or improvements to municipal sidewalks until after the budget is laid out for next year.

The sidewalks are cracking along Elizabeth, Lakeview, and Island Park Drives, according to South Dundas staff. Courtesy photo

Staff brought forward recommendations to eliminate the sidewalks along Elizabeth, Lakeview, and Island Park Drives, which are all in “desperate need of repair or relocation,” and instead create a walking and biking lane along the roadways.

Currently, there are 270 sidewalk panels with a crumbling top surface – creating a gravel surface – as well as cracked panels along the road.

The cost to repair all of the panels would be about $29,700.

During last year’s winter season, the three sidewalks were not plowed due to residents complaining of property damage from the sidewalk plow.

CAO Shannon Geraghty said the village plow truck is out nearly everyday plowing or salting, so these three streets generally stay bare, which makes walking safer.

If the municipality were to place a walking path on the roadway then all that would need to be done is to paint lines to differentiate travel lanes.

All three roads are presently 27-feet wide. A six-foot wide walking path would need to be painted with a solid white line, as well as walking and bike symbols painted. Staff would then need to paint two travel lanes for vehicles.

The cost for paint, as well as adding the walking and biking symbols, would be between $10,000 and $12,000.

Although there is currently $25,000 already allocated for sidewalk maintenance this year, council members opted to wait until next year to make a binding decision.