13th annual Tractor Parade to rumble through village Aug. 12

WINCHESTER – Farmers: get your engines ready for Dairyfest’s 13th annual tractor parade, set to rumble through the village Sat., Aug. 12 at 2:45 pm.

Longtime organizer and fourth-generation farmer John Cinnamon said he’s hoping for a turnout of at least 50 tractors this year to commemorate Canada’s 150th.

“I’m looking for people who want to drive their tractors through the parade, whether it be new and shiny, or antique and original,” said Cinnamon. “It’s nice when people come to the parade in their Sunday-best, but I love seeing the working tractors, too. The original paint jobs, the worn-out machines that have history behind it.”

The first parade began in 2004 as an antique tractor display, but has expanded throughout the years to include all models, ages, and sizes.

For Cinnamon, a collector who owns eight antique tractors, the history behind the engine is something that he feels is important to the parade.

Three of his antique tractors (pictured) are all near and dear to his heart. The first is an International 434, bought brand new in 1966 by John’s father, Wallace. The second was Cinnamon’s father-in-law’s, Francis Hess, which was restored and painted in 1999. The third was bought new in 1959 by Cinnamon’s uncle Allan, and bought by his son Barry, who passed away suddenly in 2014. The tractor was donated to Cinnamon by Barry’s wife Connie, and he was able to get it running.

Pictured are Noah (left), Skylah, John, Owen, Paige, and McKenna Cinnamon with three of John’s antique engines. Press Photo – Gosselin

Cinnamon said that the 1959 tractor will never be painted – he loves the original.

Another feature he loves about the parade is the fact that it draws Dundas Manor residents out into the parking lot with smiles on their faces.

“My main drive for the parade each year is the Dundas Manor residents – the look on their faces makes it all worth it… Anything to get them out enjoying the community,” he said. “It’s amazing when people come up to me and thank me for doing it.”

One thing Cinnamon said he wants to stress this year is that there is to be no riders on the sides of the tractors, due to safety reasons.

The tractors will be on display at the arena between 12 and 2:45 pm on the day of Dairyfest (Aug. 12), with the parade starting around 2:45. It will follow the same route as last year, and aim to be in front of Dundas Manor around 3 pm.

Cinnamon said anyone is welcome to participate, and can register with him at 613-774-2486.

“It’s never too late,” he added.