Winchester Press – obit – Robert James Loughlin

Robert James Loughlin

Bob Loughlin of Mountain, surrounded by familyand friends, passed away peacefully at Kemptville District Hospitalon Feb. 27, 2006. He was 77.
He was the dear husband of Veronica (Naphan) and proud fatherof Gary, Linda (Kerry Carnegie), Gerald (Margaret Nelson), andConnie (Peter Brogan). He was best friend to his grandchildrenIrena Morley, Shawn, Kyle, and Amber Carnegie, Stephanie (CaseyRedmond) and Brett Loughlin, Lisa and Craig Brogan, and was great-grandfatherto Dawson and Wylie. He is survived by sister Peggy Boucher, andmany caring nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by brothersJohn, Mike, Maurice, and sisters Theresa (Martin McGahey), Helen(Tony McGahey), Mary (Charles Cavell), and his twin sister Barbara(Elmer Naphan).
He spent his entire lifetime at their farm on Loughlin Ridge.Many will associate the Loughlin name with years of potato growing.In that era, many neighboring kids gathered at the farm to learnwhat a strong work ethic was all about. There isn’t a single familygathering of the Loughlins that doesn’t share a few thoughts onhow hard everyone worked and how much fun it was.
For several years, Bob drove a New Life Mills feed truck coveringmany miles and meeting numerous farm families throughout EasternOntario. Most days there was a little helper riding along sidewith Bob. His grandchildren were so proud sitting in the “bigtruck” and “helping” Grandpa. The bag of candysitting on the seat between them made up for all the bumpy roadsand long days.
His dedication during the recent past was making sure that thingswere under control at Loughlin’s Country Store in Hallville. Onemight consider Bob a silent partner because he said little yetdid a great deal. The staff appreciate more than ever all thelittle tasks that were done without notice, but are greatly noticedwhen not done. Bob’s quiet manner failed to display the multitudeof “little things” that needed to be taken care of. Whether ensuring baking wasn’t forgotten in the oven, an itemwasn’t missed on a food order, a piece of paper or cigarette buttwasn’t left in the yard, shelves were always stocked and stockwas properly rotated, or a customer wasn’t kept waiting – allthe little things that are important to good customer service.
Bob’s greatest pleasure for the past thirty years has been thebirth and life of his eight grandchildren. These grandchildrenhave looked to him for advice, encouragement, support, and compassionover the years. He welcomed Irena and enjoyed watching her boysgrow. He was there when Shawn and Kyle were buying propertiesand when they lost Grandma C. He was genuinely interested in whatAmber is studying in University. He was delighted to hear Stephand Casey were expecting, and since Brett was born, would alwayssmile at his constant good-natured humor. He looked forward toschool and sporting events that Lisa and Craig excelled in. Thesewere eight shining stars in Bob’s life that he nurtured and educatedand left a lasting impression upon.
Bob leaves behind his lifelong partner, Veronica, after 56 yearsof marriage. Together they worked and travelled and struggledand endured. Together they farmed and raised a family, whichincluded a few additional members at many times over the years.Together they gave their best to the community in which they lived.
Together, now only one to speak on their behalf, they want tothank each and every one of you who has shown so much supportand compassion to their family over the past few weeks.
Together, with their children and grandchildren, they want tosay thank you for the hugs and prayers, food and flowers, donationsto worthy causes and for doing something kind, in Bob’s name,for another in need.
Thank you to Grant Brown and staff for making this as gentle aspossible for us. Thank you to Pat Maloney and Al MacEachern ofthe Celtic Knights for the delightful resounding music at thefuneral service. Thank you isn’t enough for the caring and compassionatestaff at Kemptville District Hospital for all you did for notonly Bob but all his supporters.
Thanks to the four grandsons, Shawn and Kyle Carnegie, Brett Loughlinand Craig Brogan, as well as nephews Leo Loughlin and Pat McGaheyfor acting as pallbearers.
An extra special “thank you,” which just isn’t powerfulenough, to Pat McGahey for being the rock that kept us strongat a time when we needed it most. Your support can never be returnedto the extent necessary to express how much this meant to eachand every one of us. A deep and sincere thank you Pat!
It is difficult to say goodbye but say it we must. Thank you Bob(Dad, Grandpa) for accepting each of us unconditionally for whowe have become. Thank you for being such a supportive husband,father, grandfather, and neighbor.
“We will not cry because it is over, we will smile becauseit happened.”
God Bless!