Winchester Press – obit – Robert “Bob” Meldrum

Robert “Bob” Meldrum

Robert “Bob” Meldrum passed awaypeacefully on Sun., Dec. 28, 2008 at the Winchester District MemorialHospital with his family by his side.
Bob was born in Ormond on Oct. 3, 1925 to George and Greta (neeSummers) Meldrum. He is predeceased by his wife Pauline (nee Billings),and his son Len. He is survived by his children Georgena Meldrum(Bruce Green), Barbara (Gerald) Wicks, Lorraine (James) Drain,Ronda (Randy) Lepine, Ralph (Linda) Meldrum, Joanne (George) Wicks,and Brenda Young (Mike Crispin). He will be missed by his 14 grandchildrenand 10 great-grandchildren.
Bob had been ill for some time, but continued to live life tothe fullest doing what he did best – touching the lives of others.He worked in construction, was a labourer, and a man of many trades.His purpose in life was being kind to others. He was well knownin the community, and will be greatly missed by the many peoplewho had the pleasure of knowing him. He was well known for thenumerous tips he would give out. He always had to get rolls ofcoins when he went to the bank: this was a necessity and was extremelyimportant to him. People in other areas would look at him andthink this gesture of tip-giving was very strange, but he wouldstill insist on tipping them for their services. Another enjoymentof Bob’s was the casino. One of Dad’s favourite pastimes was fishing;he had many great sleeps in the boat, and always talked about”the ones that got away”.
People in the community would always comment on how his generositywas so extraordinary. One could always tell when he was at theirhome, leaving gifts for them on their doorstep; it could havebeen a chicken, turkey, fish, blueberries, or even a giant bagof potatoes. Another passion for Bob was scrapping metal. He enjoyedworking in the junk on a daily basis. People would just stop byhis house if they needed something from his yard, and nine timesout of 10, he would have the perfect item that they were lookingfor. Family, friends, neighbours, and even people driving by wouldstop and find treasures, which he would gladly give away. He lovedbuying lottery tickets, and if he won $100 which was common forhim, you can be sure the seller would receive a $10 tip. If anyoneshowed him an act of kindness he would always want to repay themin some way or another. He never wanted to accept these gesturesfrom others. He could not understand that he gave to so many peopleand that is why they wanted to give back. An act of kindness goesa long way, and makes you a better person.
A particular day in June of this past year at the Ottawa Hospital,when he received his diagnosis, he was more concerned about theother patients that he had seen that day in the hospital. He wasnot concerned about himself. This is one of the many qualitiesthat made our Dad extraordinary. His battle with cancer did notslow him down. He still went to the Winchester dump, and stoppedevery morning at Brenda and Mike’s home with a handful of scratchtickets and the Ottawa Sun newspaper.
When he found out he did not have much time left, he worried aboutraising chickens, and trying to get blueberries one last timefor those special people in his life. The family helped him withhis to-do list, which seemed to make him more at ease.

We as a family would like to see the memoryof our father live on. We ask that if the people of the communitywish to honour our father’s memory that they do so by making donationsto the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation, to purchaseneeded medical equipment bearing our father’s name. In doing so,he would always be helping someone, and he would be giving backto the community who gave him so much.
Not once, but twice, Dad had tragic house fires. It was you, thecommunity, who came forward and showed your generosity in manysignificant ways.
We would like to express our thanks to the ambulance drivers,Dr. Steele, Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Racine, Allison, emergency nurses,surgical nurses, dietary, housekeeping, and Rev. North for theircare, kind words, and special hugs. Everyone at Winchester DistrictMemorial Hospital showed our family so much compassion, whichwas greatly appreciated.
We apologize if we have hurt anyone’s feelings by having a privatefamily service, but this was Dad’s wish. We all know how Dad wasthought of so highly by those he had touched in so many ways.We appreciate everything everyone has done for our family overthe years. We feel truly blessed to have had such a remarkableman in our lives for this many years.
When you look at how little gestures can change peoples’ lives,you can see what being rich is all about. He was a legend; oneof a kind.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Meldrum Family
– Georgena, Barbara, Lorraine, Ronda, Ralph, Joanne, and Brenda.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted tothe Winchester Funeral Home.