MORRISBURG – South Dundas parks are safe – for now.

At a special council meeting last month, 47 municipal properties were pegged by staff for review to determine their sell-off potential, including Steward Drive Park in Morrisburg, Loyalist Park on County Road 4, Duncan Park in Mariatown, Coyle Drive Park in Morrisburg, and Haldane Park in Iroquois.

However, backlash from the community – including a petition with 190 signatures against the sale of public parkland – forced South Dundas council to quell the concerns at Tues., May 2’s meeting.

“Following the many conversations at the trade show, emails and a petition, it was evident misinformation and assumptions were made regarding the future of several of these properties,” read Mayor Evonne Delegarde from a statement. “I’d like to strongly confirm that to date, no decisions have been made. Any future decisions will be made following complete investigation of the properties, and a full staff report with options will be brought back to council for consideration.”

Delegarde also added that some of the listed properties could stay “status quo,” depending on their current and potential usage, development opportunities, potential for sale, restrictions, legal opinion, and appropriation rights.

Councillor Archie Mellan suggested removing the parklands from the list altogether to avoid any further controversy, but Delegarde insisted it was an important, “long overdue” task to research all properties listed during the expansive review.

Councillor Marc St. Pierre went as far as suggesting that staff look into enhancing Duncan Park, which has been “well-used by scuba divers” and was a community-created space, causing the audience to erupt in applause.

“I’d like to get the history on that park to have it on file,” he continued. “We need real info on that property.”

Delegarde agreed that it was a worthwhile exercise to get all the information on each property to “squash any speculation” about which lots can be severed or sold, and which ones have restrictions.

A more detailed report will come back to council at an upcoming meeting.

SD to auction old Public Works Garage

During several property reviews, the property known as the Iroquois Public Works garage has been identified as surplus.

Council members approved the property to be sold by public auction on Fri., June 9 at 1 pm for a minimum bid of $221,000 (property assessment).