Local dance studio launches ‘It Takes a Village’ campaign

SOUTH MOUNTAIN – Several local businesses have benefitted from the unusual advertising campaign recently launched by South Mountain’s Academy of Expressive Dance.

The idea behind the campaign, titled “It Takes a Village,” is to promote a small, local business by juxtaposing a dancer in full costume into a picture with the organization, showcasing its products and services.

According to studio director and campaign organizer Andrea Gaw-Prekob, the goal of the promotion is to create interest and grab attention for the businesses, as well as her dance company.

Kemptville’s Body and Sole Foot Care Clinic is one of several local, small businesses benefitting from a promotional campaign recently launched by South Mountain’s Academy of Expressive Dance.

“[The campaign] is beneficial on so many levels – the businesses get highlighted, and my students get involved in the community, supporting local business people,” she said. “It makes people take a second look – the unexpected, in everyday life.”

“It Takes a Village” is completely run through social media, and relies on people sharing and getting involved.

Gaw-Prekob and her dancers take pictures at a participating business, including some close-up shots of the shops, which are used as online teasers for a contest. People can guess where the dancers will be going next, and if correct, will have their name put into a draw that will be determined at the end of the campaign.

The participating merchants have each donated a prize to go into a gift basket.

On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, the close-up shots (or hints) are posted online, while the business reveal takes place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The pictures are linked to websites and Facebook pages of both the business and the Academy of Expressive Dance.

Each business will then display a picture from the photo shoot in their shop, along with business cards from the other businesses involved.

“My goal in this is three-fold,” said Gaw-Prekob. “First, to get my dancers out, involved, and seen in the community while supporting a local small business. Second, to create a unique advertising opportunity that many small businesses may not otherwise have with minimal cost – other than time – and find a way to stand together as business owners.  And lastly, to generate some community spirit and interest in the area’s small businesses.”

Currently, there are about eight businesses on board and scheduled for photo sessions.

If any local businesses are interested in participating in the campaign, contact Gaw-Prekob at 613-989-3418 for more information on how to get involved.