Everyone likes to think that they live in a caring and thoughtful community.

It is difficult to tell sometimes, and measuring a community’s character can be tricky.

One way is to see what kind of community volunteerism exists where you live, and if giving and volunteering has become a part of your community’s personality.

In North Dundas, there can be no doubt that the community is healthy.

From fundraising to helping bring Archel Imperial’s parents to Canada for a long over-due visit from the Philippines, to hosting a community health and wellness afternoon at the Matilda Hall, to donating an entire Sunday to training for the North Dundas Fire Detachment.

Everywhere you look, volunteering and giving to the community is a priority for someone.

The North Dundas firefighters were practicing what they will hopefully never have to do, which is cutting into an overturned school bus to rescue the children from inside.

The technique to do this is one taught to the North Dundas Fire Detachment by members of the South Dundas Fire Detachment who sent their firefighters away on a course to learn how to deal with this kind of accident. They in turn were sharing what they learned with their partners in North Dundas.

The firefighters cut into the roof, sides, front and back of retired school buses, practicing the best way to get children out.

The buses used for the training were donated for the training by Richard Wubs of Wubs Transit.

The Sunday exercise highlighted the dedication and commitment area fire fighters have for their community.

At the other end of the giving scale, the North Dundas community got together to help Archel Imperial raise the funds to bring her parents for their first Canadian visit.

What kind of community does that?

Obviously a community that has its heart in the right place and one that places family values at the top of its list of cherishable items.

Last week at the Matilda Hall in Dixons Corners the sixth annual Dundas County 50+ Wellness Day took place. The event was an opportunity for seniors to have a look at the many services that are available to them and at the same time have some fun.

Looking after all members of the Dundas community is a priority for event organizers and showcases the commitment of organizations such as Carefor, the Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Linking Hands, Eastern Ontario Financial Services, Chartwell and Canada Life to offer their services to seniors.

Once more it is easy to spot the idea of helping one another as a valued characteristic in our community.

We are lucky.

– J.M.