WINCHESTER – If you’re a Winchester Hawks alumni (former player, coach, trainer or executive) and you’re planning to purchase a season ticket pass, know that you are contributing to one of the available bursaries for the team’s players.

Each of the passes is $100. Half of it will go towards the bursaries while the other $50 will go to the Winchester Hawks.

The first bursary available to players is the Winchester Hawks Bursary. This bursary states that it’s eligible to a player, who lives in North or South Dundas and intends on attending or attaining post-secondary education, committing to a full season for the Hawks.

The second bursary is the North or South Dundas Minor Hockey Bursary for the younger players. This bursary is eligible to minor hockey players aged between nine and 16 who are in financial need and wish to play another year of minor hockey.

The deadline to apply for the Winchester Hawks Bursary is Thurs., Nov. 1 and for the North and South Dundas Minor Hockey Bursary is Wed., Aug. 15.

The Winchester Hawks Bursary will be paid out at the end of the hockey season while the Minor Hockey Bursary will be paid in full as soon as practicable.

To apply for either of the bursaries, contact Barry Cassleman at 613-858-1107/ or Mike Guy at 613-798-3528/