WINCHESTER – The Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee (WDRC) is having a banner month, literally.

They received six individual sponsors for the dairy themed banners, including Tibben Farms, Ayrporte Farms, Dundas Dairy Producers, Johndin Farms, Bossel Farms and Constapel Farms, while Thurler Farms sponsored an additional six banners.

In total there are 12 new Dairy Farmers of Canada banners, six new Dairyfest banners and an additional 10 Canadian flag banners extending out Main Street towards Foodland.

The late additions come just days before the annual Dairyfest celebrations take over the village streets.

The WDRC has been hard at work for a decade tackling all projects, large and small, that help beautify the downtown core.

“We do all of this through fundraising and hard work,” said WDRC member Vince Zandbelt.

Some of the banners are double sided, which give the downtown core a refreshing pop of colour.


Councillor Gary Annable (left), Vince Zandbelt and Owen Shortt of the Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee received a few last minute additions that provided a little beauty to the streets of Winchester before Dairyfest. Schoch Photo