WINCHESTER Deputy-Mayor Gerry Boyce had what can only be called an off-script moment Thurs., Nov. 30.

North Dundas Deputy-Mayor Gerry Boyce. Press Photo – Uhrig

Before a crowd of nearly 300, all gathered for North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan’s annual breakfast, Boyce took the lectern to introduce Duncan, who won’t be seeking re-election in next year’s municipal campaign.

But, the deputy-mayor first led with his own news.

“We all know that Eric isn’t going to run for mayor again, and I’d like to say right now that I’m going to seek the nomination at the appropriate time,” he said. “I thought I’d end that speculation right now.”

Boyce was visibly nervous during the announcement, stammering some as he vocalized his intentions. An awkward hush came over the room after the news, which Duncan then tried to break up as he addressed the audience.

Afterward, Boyce told the Winchester Press that he had thought more about sharing the news when he was “in the shower that morning,” but didn’t know he was going to do so until right before he did.    

No matter the overall response, Boyce’s news is public now, putting an end to the rumours of whether he would or wouldn’t jump into the race.

He’s early in making the announcement, however. The nomination period doesn’t open until Tues., May 1, 2018, and then closes at 2 pm Fri., July 27, 2018. Election day is set for Mon., Oct. 22.

Boyce first won the deputy-mayor’s race in 2010, unseating political stalwart Estella Rose by 452 votes. He was re-elected again in 2014, netting 589 more votes than the lone challenger, Chesterville-area resident Theresa Bergeron.