WINCHESTER – The 60 lbs custom-made Forever Young Creations sign was stolen right off the front yard of the property Tues., July 24, only for it to be returned Fri., July 27.

“I noticed Wednesday morning that the sign was gone,” said Cassandra Young, an employee at the shop. “It wasn’t right away in the morning, it was after I put all the stuff outside and when I came inside, I looked outside and I just noticed it was gone. But then I woke up this morning and the sign was back, it was leaning against the tree.”

The sign was returned to the owner’s possession with minimal damage. According to Young, “only a couple of bolts are missing and that’s about it.”

The sign has much personal value to Young’s family as her father, Kent, personally made it for the front of the store to greet customers.

Young said that the sign will probably be chained down from now on to prevent any further problems with local thefts or thieves.

“We didn’t chain it down before because you never really expect someone to steal something out of nowhere,” she said. “Anything that’s not chained down is in jeopardy of being stolen these days.”

This isn’t the only robbery to hit close to Forever Young Creations. Young’s father’s and grandfather’s business, Industrial Stainless in Chesterville was also hit with a theft last week.

“My dad and boyfriend’s business was also hit this week,” said Young. “A fast-fuel pump, worth about $1,500 to $2,000, was stolen from their property. They cut wires and fuel lines to get it.”

According to Young, thefts like these are becoming more common in Dundas County.

“These are becoming more and more common in the area, especially Chesterville,” she said. “People just taking things off of properties in the middle of the night, cars being broken into in Osgoode and even here in Winchester, people are just taking what doesn’t belong to them.

While Young is happy to have the Forever Young Creations sign returned to the store’s possession, she admits that, like everyone else in the area, the amount of thefts is getting annoying.

“We’re very happy to have the sign back at the store but the amount of times crimes like this happen is getting ridiculous,” she said. “Honestly, I’m just annoyed like everyone else is, it’s a shame that we need more security in our small town.”