CHESTERVILLE – While most people talk to therapists about the tribulations of their day-to-day life, Jim McNally used the comedy stage Thurs., March 29, at the Royal Canadian Legion Chesterville Branch 434 to voice his day-to-day obstacles including a menopausal wife and clothes shopping.

Locals were given a full two-hours of pure unadulterated humour from three comedians who were performing for a fundraiser for a new firetruck for the village station. Connie Lannin, the fundraiser’s organizer, said funds would give a little help to a stretched budget.

“With a township, there’s a budget,” Lannin said. “We’re doing [the fundraiser] to give a little to help with equipment and whatever else they need.”

One of the performing comedians included McNally, who comes from Carleton Place, or as he likes to describe it as, where men are men and livestock are very lonely. He’s been in the comedy business now for more than 30 years. Even though his career has taken him to numerous heights, including The Comedy Network’s Comedy Now, he still loves performing in smaller communities like Chesterville.

Jim McNally (third from left), Dave Hudson (fourth from the left) and Michael Friedman (third from right) were happy to raise money for a new firetruck. The fundraiser had a number of volunteers to help set up for the event. Press Photo – Glover

“You can’t go wrong performing in a small community like this,” McNally said. “The people are great fun and the town is very friendly.”

McNally had the Legion roaring with laughter talking about how he’s dealing with his wife’s journey into menopause, which means a lot of late night crying for his wife and no sleep for McNally.

Another comedian that performed with McNally was Dave Hudson, who also acted as emcee for the event, and opened the show on a high note interacting with the crowd and talking about his three rowdy sons.

“Small towns like Chesterville are always the best for these kind of shows,” Hudson said.

The third performer was Michael Freidman, who works as a chiropractor by day and moonlights as a comedian. He made light of the tremors in his hands, joking that shaving is always an adventure, he’s never had to buy an electric toothbrush and Jenga is not an ideal game for him.

Of the three performers, Friedman is the newest to the comedy scene, with only five years of stand-up under his belt.

“It was fun, it’s always fun,” Friedman said.

With over 80 people in attendance to the event and tickets at $20 a pop, the fundraiser raised more than $1,600 for the new firetruck.