Show me the Cruickshank Way
MORRISBURG – Canada Way is now Cruickshank Way. The original request for the honour came from long-time friend and local resident, Dr. Gerry Rosenquist to recognize the Cruickshank name and his contribution to the community.
Mayor Steven Byvelds thought it a fitting tribute.
“As much as Les may not like honours, it’s well deserved and in the right place,” he said.

Grant fireworks
In a letter to council penned by Ray Hunter on behalf of the members of the Iroquois Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, the group outlined their plans to continue the Canada Day fireworks tradition and asked for a $2,000 contribution from the municipality.
Council awarded $1,900, the remaining amount left in the community grant fund, by a narrow three-two vote. Councillors Archie Mellan and Lloyd Wells cited their desire to curb retroactive or late financing requests as the reasons for their dissenting votes.
The Tubie Festival had also asked council to reconsider their earlier decision to deny their requested $1,000 donation, but the request was once again denied. The decision follows their move of not providing grants to established for-profit events.

Doctor, doctor
In an effort to stem the tide of retiring physicians, council moved to form a physician recruitment and retention committee. The collaborative effort between South Dundas and South Stormont will work with healthcare professionals in both townships to address physician recruitment and retention, as well as other health service needs with the respective communities. Deputy-Mayor Kirsten Gardner will be the council representative.

Carman’s back
Council unanimously voted to rescind the resolution to decommission the Carman House Museum.
It was officially re-designated as a museum effective Wed., May 8.

Litter pigs
Roadside litter is an issue that has never been effectively dealt with and a group of volunteers believe it is time for the municipality to undertake some meaningful action. The volunteers, which have been picking up trash every spring for the last three years, recommended council install more signs, increase ticketing from by-law and request area Tim Hortons, the largest culprit of roadside waste, to place additional garbage bins at the drive-through. Council discussed several options, including increasing fines and signage. Staff was instructed to prepare a report for potential action items.