MORRISBURG – Using his home county as the backdrop, Conservative candidate Eric Duncan further flexed his campaign muscle at Stone Crop Acres Thurs., Sept. 5.

Among a crowd of more than 100 supporters, Duncan continued the breakneck trajectory he’s been on since being acclaimed as the party’s candidate in Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry earlier this year.

A key cornerstone of Duncan’s pledge, beyond committing to keeping the level of service similar to that of his predecessor, the retiring Guy Lauzon, is securing needed infrastructure dollars in the riding.

SD&SG Conservative candidate Eric Duncan at a campaign stop in Morrisburg Thurs., Sept. 12. Uhrig Photo

“You’ll remember, Justin Trudeau promised four years ago to balance the budget… It’s not; not even close,” Duncan said. “We need to make sure we get our finances in order, and get our fair share of tax dollars back in SD&SG.”

The young Tory also took aim at the billions of dollars in stimulus support being announced by the Liberals ahead of the writ being dropped to start the election period.

“You need to ask yourself when you see pledges being made, ‘how much of that is coming back locally?’” Duncan said. “There’s tens of billions of dollars in deficits, and I can’t name one single infrastructure project in the riding that we’ve benefitted from.”