WINCHESTER – While Ontario’s long-term care ministry is opening up the application process for new beds provincewide, it’s unclear where the latest strategy leaves the village’s aging Dundas Manor facility.

The provincial government announced last week the latest submission process for current and potential operators to build new or redevelop existing long-term care homes.

In all, it’s part of the Ford cabinet’s commitment to add 15,000 new beds and rehabilitate 15,000 others within the next five years.

To date, 50 per cent of the pledge has been made, with 7,889 new bed spaces allocated.

“Our riding takes pride in being a seniors friendly community. This funding is needed, and will go a long way in ensuring our seniors have better access to the long-term care they may need,” SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell said.

So, where does this leave Dundas Manor?

According to CEO Cholly Boland, who also leads Winchester District Memorial Hospital, there should be little change to the status of the village long-term care home’s application.

“My understanding is this for those who have not done the process yet,” he told the Winchester Press last week. “Our application is as complete as it can possibly be.”

Boland was one in a handful of representatives who met face to face with Dr. Merilee Fullerton, Ontario’s long-term care minister, last month to plead a case for reconstruction of the aging manor.

“Right now, as many know, we’re just waiting. We do not know what the hold up is,” Boland said. “We take the government’s message at their word – that a decision is imminent.”