The rumblings are out there, you just have to listen for them.

And, if what this paper is hearing turns out to be true, voters in the Township of North Dundas could be in for an exciting election campaign later this year.

Already current Deputy-Mayor Gerry Boyce has made his intention clear – he’s going to run for mayor. He did so during Mayor Eric Duncan’s annual breakfast late last year, and while it was no doubt poor timing on his part (even if he doesn’t agree, and he doesn’t have to), that’s not a rabbit hole we’re about to go down again.

As you’ll read in this week’s edition, another current council member, Tony Fraser, is also eyeing the mayor’s seat.

The competition will be a closely watched one, given that Duncan has been clear with anyone who will listen that he has no intention of vying for the top spot again. A decade as a municipal council member is long enough for him.

Neither of the two aforementioned fellows has officially entered the race, of course, given that the nomination period doesn’t open until May. And neither are sure bets to win, since more could jump into the same race.

What is clear, however, is that even the earliest of debates related to October’s municipal election are good for North Dundas.

Duncan’s a popular guy, sure, and it would be unfair of this paper to say he’s worn out his welcome with the township, but change is a good thing. Heck, he said as much in his most recent year-end interview.

Imagine what new blood on the ballot could mean for the township? The current five at the council table are popular in their own right, and winning by acclamation in 2014 is no clearer way of proving that.

Yet, new names and new council members would mean new ideas and new debates about where this municipality is going.

That’s something this newspaper can and will support 100 per cent.

More than anything, a wealth of options will give voters some pause about who they’d like to see leading North Dundas for the next four years.

Let’s see people with expertise in a variety of areas, including those at the heart of the township, be it residential growth, business retention and expansion, and innovative endeavours to better support our villages and hamlets.

All of this can only help to widely improve North Dundas as it faces its future.

Bring on a wild race to the finish.