Residents of South Dundas find themselves in the enviable position of being the subject of the affection of three eligible suitors in this upcoming election. If that sounds like The Dating Game to you then that is exactly what this has boiled down to.

Or maybe, it’s more like the high school dance?

The people of South Dundas huddled on one side of the gym. An ex, a current companion, and a third somewhat unknown admirer huddled on the other side. Each one pining for a chance to take you for a whirl on the dance floor for the next four years as Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do” is warming up the dance floor.

Who has the right moves to whirl you around the floor this time South Dundas? Have you been paying attention?

You showed up to the dance with Mayor Evonne Delegarde. Did her fancy feet impress you in the past four years or has she stomped on a few of your toes trying to navigate the tricky waters of municipal government.

Has the younger, unknown admirer, Councillor Marc St. Pierre wowed you with his slick moves or has he already ripped his proverbial pants in an overly exuberant break dance session to the beat of “Mony Mony”?

Or has the memory of former Mayor Steven Byvelds’ dance moves at the spring social so many years ago provoked memories of a warm relationship that was maybe cut too short?

Each candidate is a familiar face and each is completely capable of cutting a rug or two.

All three also have visions that are unique and have certain ideas of what to do with you once the dance is over.

The people of South Dundas voted overwhelmingly for change four years ago. They have now seen the effect of that decision.

This time around, the suitors are well known and there should be no surprises.

Never has there been a more important time to take a vested interest in municipal politics because it will not only change the landscape of local governance, but it will also have a wide-sweeping affect at the county level.

This is no easy decision, but the buses are warming up outside and the dreaded final slow song is fast approaching. A decision will need to be made.

So squeeze into those Jordache jeans, throw on your best T-shirt or blouse and douse yourself in Jovan Musk.

You’re the subject of their affections and, thankfully, the DJ has put on another record, so you can watch their moves a few more times before a choice has to be made.

– T.S.