It was an all station response for the North Dundas Fire Department Mon., May 6 as firefighters worked to control a series of fires in a Webb Road field southeast of Winchester. Emergency personnel were called in just before 11 am as corn stalk stubble had ignited, and the blaze criss-crossed the acreage, which features homes to the north and south. Field owner Renny VanGilst was on scene not long after firefighters arrived and took the situation in stride, first joking that “someone must not have liked my corn field.” To VanGilst, this fire was minor given that a neighbouring home had burned some years earlier, leading to the death of an occupant. Detachment members from Winchester, Chesterville, Morewood, and Mountain battled the blaze for nearly three hours, while members from South Dundas’ Williamsburg and Iroquois stations arrived to offer back up if necessary. Uhrig Photos