MORRSIBURG – “Congratulations, you’re not yellow anymore.”

With that simple phrase, South Dundas fire chief Cameron Morehouse welcomed six new recruits to the fold at a special graduation ceremony Tues., May 7 at the township’s Municipal Centre.

The new additions had successfully completed all tests and exams during their year-long probationary period and traded in their yellow newbie helmets for the standard black ones as friends and family looked on with pride.

South Dundas held its first ever graduation ceremony Tues., May 7 at the municipal centre in Morrisburg for recruits that had passed their probationary tests and exams. Pictured are South Dundas fire chief Cameron Morehouse, Chris Goupil, Chris Marchand, Johnny Testerink, James Vaughan, Anthony Lemaire, Julenea Barnhartd and Mayor Steven Byvelds.

Each firefighter was honoured individually with a close friend, family member or someone that had made an impact in their life being chosen to attach their lapels.

Morehouse joked that the new helmets were almost unnecessary because of the busy week at the station.

“We’ve been fighting corn stalk fires for two days now and their yellow helmets are almost black,” he said.

Mayor Steven Byvelds welcomed the new members and remarked that their service is one that isn’t overlooked by the community.

“It’s good that there are people within the municipality that want to help us out, that want to be part of it and in the action as some people would say,” he said. “We take your job very seriously and this council certainly supports the fire department. We believe that they have a big role to play in our municipality.”

Before the brief ceremony wrapped up with cake, coffee and tea, Morehouse left those in attendance with a few parting words of wisdom and acknowledgement.

“The best thing an old firefighter can teach a young firefighter is how to become an old firefighter. We’ve got some great leaders, officers and senior guys in this department to help make my job a whole lot easier,” he said.

Anthony Lemaire’s proud daughter was more than excited to attach the shoulder lapels for her dad.

Julenea Barnhartd receiving her lapels. Schoch Photos