WINCHESTER – The long-running and successful Green Food Box, (GFB) program is moving and offering a new pick-up date.

Beginning this month, the GFB pick-up day will move to the fourth Wednesday of the month and relocate from the Joel Steel Community Centre to Community Food Share’s location on May Street in Winchester.

Previously the pick-up date at the community centre was the last Friday of the month.
Linking Hands co-ordinator Sandy Casselman explained, “While the township has been absolutely amazing in their dedication and assistance with this program, it just made sense to move.”

The Linking Hands Green Food Box program is a wonderful community asset. On Fri., Aug., 31, North Dundas residents were picking up their pre ordered food bags at the Joel Steele Community Centre. Here, Taunya Van Allen (left) picks up her order with help from Green Food Box volunteer Lietta Tousaw. Press Photo – Morin

“In South Dundas we currently have a pick up location at the Morrisburg branch of Community Food Share. Those who are unable to pick up their bags by the allotted time are given a second chance to do so, as the food bank is open from 7 to 9 pm. Wednesday evenings. Bags that aren’t collected are then donated to the food bank. We wanted to provide the same option in North Dundas,” she added.

While Community Food Share’s May Street space will be the new main packing plant and pick-up location for North Dundas, the outlying satellites, which include the Nor-Dun Seniors’ Support Centre in Winchester, Flair with Fabrics in Chesterville and House of Lazarus in Mountain, will continue to operate as before with only the day changing.

A new schedule has been posted on both the Linking Hands and House of Lazarus web-sites and the GFB Facebook page. The September order by date is Wed., Sept., 19 and the pick-up day is Wed., Sept. 26.

The Green Food Box is available in both North and South Dundas. The order and pick-up dates are spaced two weeks apart, giving clients an opportunity to order from both. The bulk-buying fresh produce program secure its fruits and vegetables from J. Quattrocchi Co. Ltd. in Smiths Falls. There are two bag sizes available: small ($10) and large ($15).

Contents vary from month to month depending on the number of orders placed (buying power) and the current product pricing and availability. Linking Hands dispenses roughly 100 GFB bags per month in both North and South Dundas.

“This program is possible because of our many community partners and our committed volunteers,” said Casselman.