How do you succinctly put outrage into words? What use of language could possibly be powerful enough to be both scathing, yet at the same denouncing what is being done to families and thousands of children at U.S. border entries.

It’s both anger and sadness beyond articulation.

Images of petrified children, heartbroken parents, and the wire cages being used as a corral for the youngsters is plenty of elaboration.

It is unimaginable as a parent, myself being the father of two, to think of a time when my son and daughter would be unduly pulled from my company.

All of this is yet another event making up the civilized world’s utter disdain and revulsion for the America that President Donald Trump appears happy to occupy.

This comes on the heels of an expected trade war as Canada’s dairy industry, among others, is under attack by the U.S. administration. Buy Canadian has never sounded so sweet.

It’s the border detainments, however, that has given creation to a call for action from so many corners, even from those who otherwise would not agree.

Take for instance Laura Bush, she the wife of George W. Bush, whose two terms as president have their own black marks.

She has chastised the zero-tolerance policy that has been put in place at the borders.

Bush is one of so many who can no longer proceed in silence during the wave of uncertainty and injustice hanging over Trump’s America.

More than 2,000 children to date have been separated from their parents, with the elders facing criminal prosecution for unlawfully crossing the border.

The Trump government’s policy now charges every adult caught crossing the border illegally with federal crimes, a huge leap from referring those with children to immigration courts, which was the flavour of previous administrations.

It’s the most callous policy used in recent history to crack down on illegal immigration.

Is there a need to protect borders? Sure. But at what cost? Taking children is ripping away what little these families have left when they end up at a border crossing, a final stop in their journey toward a better life.

In a brazen explanation, those in the Trump camp have cited Bible passages, as if religious freedoms circumvent humanity.

It’s an attack on the mental health and well-being of these children, the majority of whom cannot begin to understand why this is happening to them.

World wars were fought to stamp out tyrannical dictators who did more to harm than help human kind. In those cases, good vastly outweighed evil.

How then to stop a megalomaniac that isn’t on foreign soil?

— M.U.