Winchester Press – obit – Robert “Lorne” Henderson

Robert “Lorne” Henderson

Robert “Lorne” Henderson, a lifelongresident of the area, passed away at Winchester District MemorialHospital on Feb. 14, 2007. He was 91.
He was born on Oct. 1, 1915 at the Hugh Blaine farm east of Hallville.He was the only son of Wesley Robert Henderson and Ida RosellaKirkwood. He was raised on a farm in Toyes Hill, and attendedToyes Hill Public School and Winchester High School. During the1930s, they moved off the farm and his parents both died. He thenwent to live with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Strader,north of Williamsburg. He completed his second year of secondaryschooling at Morrisburg High School and then went to work forvarious farmers in the surrounding area. He bought his first carat this time – a 1928 Chrysler for $75.
In 1936 he married Olive Leach. Their first son Robert was bornin 1938. Olive’s parents became ill and their six month old son,Charlie, came to live with them in 1941. In 1943, they purchaseda farm of 87 and a half acres of land for $6,500. They startedoff with 12 cows, one blind horse, one horse always ready to runaway, seven heifers, and a few heifer calves, a small amount ofgrain, and a three year old Ford tractor. The day they moved tothe farm, a truck carrying all their belongings caught on fireand they were left with nothing. The trailer carrying their mattressarriving separately was their only remaining possession.
In 1945, they joined the Holstein Association of Canada with theprefix Terrdale. It was then that he purchased his first purebredHolstein. They then had two other sons, Terris and Francis. Theyalso raised Robert’s son, Kevin. Francis stayed on the farm andhe and Lorne formed a partnership.
He overcame many hardships in life. The loss of Charlie in a caraccident in 1959 at 18 years old, and Lorne’s son, Robert passedaway in 1976. His first pig aortic valve open-heart operationwas in 1977. The aortic valve was worn and in 1994 it was replacedwith another pig aortic valve. He had great confidence in Dr.Keon and his work. He often said “Now I eat like a pig andhave a pot belly.”
His wife was hard-working and dedicated and passed away in November1987. They shared 51years of marriage.
Over time, improvements were made at the farm. Implement sheds,grain bins, and heifer shelters were built. Money was spent onmachinery, and the base animals of what would later become anexceptional Holstein herd. He was very proud of his cows and wasawarded the prestigious Master Breeder Award. However, he didnot take full credit for earning this award. He always said hecouldn’t have done it without the help and teamwork of his family.He also dabbled in Hackney horses and Jersey cows. He loved showinghis Hackneys at local fairs. Hackneys were high steppers and veryshowy. He was much like a Hackney – he was a high stepper eventhough he was a short man. He always stood tall in the show ring.He was a well respected horse and cattle breeder and buyer. Heloved farming, and continued fieldwork until the age of 85.
In 1997 he married Elaine Mellon. They enjoyed each other’s friendshipand companionship. They were fortunate to enjoy 10 wonderful yearstogether. He was always thankful for his life. He had faith inthe Lord, Dr. Keon, his wife, family, and the prosperity of goodfriends he had enjoyed over the years.
He was dedicated to the Brinston United Church. He had given histime, talents, and money to his church, and he attended regularly.He oversaw and carried out complete basement renovations in thechurch.
He was a great person. He had a great sense of humour, and likedto joke with people all the time. He had a very caring and generousheart. He was a motivating and patient teacher.
He is survived by his wife Elaine, his sons Francis (Doreen),and Terry (Karen), both of Brinston, his step-children Cathy (Tom)Hummel of Napanee, Kevin (Susan) Mellon of South Mountain, andDavid (Melinda) Mellon of South Mountain. He will be fondly rememberedby grandchildren Kevin, Tracy, Tammy, Karen, Brian, Katie, Melissa,Darian, Sabrina, Brianna, Sonia, Keshia, Lucas, and great-grandchildrenRobert, Bruce, Cassidy, Felicity, Olivia, and Terrence. He waspredeceased by his wife Olive, and his sons Robert and Charlie.He is also survived by nieces and nephews.
Friends called at the Marsden and McLaughlin Funeral Home in Williamsburg,on Feb.15 and16. The funeral service was held at Brinston UnitedChurch on Feb. 16 with Rev. Yvonne Willis officiating, followedby interment at Spruce Haven Cemetery in Brinston. The pallbearerswere Robert Henderson, Ian Mudde, Perry Robertson, Doug Willis,Jeff Adamson, Ian Porteous, and Kevin Mellon.
Donations to Brinston United Church would be appreciated by thefamily.