WINCHESTER – The Winchester Waves held their annual swim meet Sat. July 28 at 100 Club Park and it was a huge success with 162 swimmers and seven teams taking part.

The Waves finished in sixth place as a team led by Aaron Casselman’s three podium finishes.

The unpredictable weather delayed events several times and the team relay competition was eventually cancelled.

Six and under

Evan Dejong third in backstroke, third in breaststroke and second in the freestyle event. Owyn McIntyre was second in the backstroke, fifth in the breaststroke and sixth in the freestyle event.

Seven and eight-year-olds

Emma Hess hit the water in the butterfly competition. Hess had an excellent swim and had the only first place finish for the Waves on the day.

Nate Casselman had a pair of eighth place finishes in the backstroke and breaststroke while Ethan Dejong finished in seventh and fifth in the same events. Dejong also had a seventh place finish in the freestyle competition.

Emma Hess had a pair of podium finishes with a first place finish in the butterfly and a third place in the breaststroke. She also finished eighth in freestyle.

Grace Dejong finished fifth twice in the freestyle and breaststroke events and saved her best finish for the backstroke, coming in fourth.

Nine and ten-year-olds

Harrison Burt came in second in the backstroke, fourth in the freestyle and fifth in the butterfly event. Jaymes McIntyre had a fourth place finish in breaststroke.

Evelyn Nizam ended up on the podium twice with a pair of third place finishes in the backstroke and freestyle competitions while Maggie Kluke claimed sixth spot in the butterfly competition.

Eleven and twelve-year-olds

Aaron Casselman had a great day finishing on the podium in three events. He was second in the backstroke, third in butterfly and third in the freestyle.

Walter Samson grabbed some air during the 50-metre breaststroke event. Samson finished sixth in the event. Press Photos – Schoch

Thirteen and fourteen-year-olds

Alex Kluke managed a sixth place finish in the breaststroke and grabbed third in the butterfly competition. Walter Samson earned a fifth place finish in backstroke and a sixth place in breaststroke.

Manotick Meet

The Winchester Waves came in sixth at the Manotick swim meet held Sat., July 21.

In the nine and ten-year-old division, Eric Brebaum was in a familiar spot with three first place finishes in the breaststroke, the IM and the freestyle events. Harrison Burt also had a good day with a first place finish in backstroke, second in the IM and third in the freestyle. Anthony Levere came in second in the backstroke.

Michael Levere grabbed third spot in the backstroke and fifth in the freestyle in the eleven and twelve-year-old division while Katie Kluke was fifth and sixth in the butterfly and IM respectively.

Alex Kluke rounded out the individual finishes with a strong swimming earning her a fifth place in the butterfly event.

The Waves also took home a pair of first place finishes in the freestyle and medley relay events.