Lambertus Hogeveen

Lambertus was born to Hendrik Hogeveen and Jannetje Haverkamp in Amsterdam, Holland on  July 10, 1936. Bert was the second of eight children, and the oldest son. In Holland, he learned the value of hard work.
On April 8, 1953, Bert’s family traveled to Canada on a boat called the “Groote Beer.” It was on this ship that he met his future wife, Gerda, to whom he would be married for nearly 57 years. Bert followed Gerda and her family to British Columbia. They were married there in 1958. Shortly after their marriage, they moved to Ottawa where Bert started his own landscaping company in 1959. He began with a wheelbarrow, shovel, and a station wagon. Ottawa Valley Landscaping grew into a successful company.
Bert and Gerda had six children: Henry and Anita (Stittsville), John and Sylvia (Manotick), Katherine and Jeff (Michigan), Janet and Derrick (Winchester), Susan and Harvey (Winchester), and Betty Ann and Andrew (Ingleside). Together they had 34 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.
Family was very important to Bert. He loved having everyone together, and hosted many events on holidays and special occasions. Music was always a big part of Bert’s life. He regularly led pre-service worship singing at Ottawa Calvin Christian Reformed Church. Bert sang in many choirs throughout his life, his last one being the Ottawa Carleton Male Choir. His solos were often a highlight during performances.
In  latter years, Bert focused his attention on digitizing 50 years of family history. He has left his family a treasure of pictures and video that will be cherished for generations. During the summer, Bert spent many days in his garden. He loved plants, and didn’t like any weeds to show. He busied himself making his yard beautiful.
Bert will be dearly missed by his family. They are comforted that he is now singing in the heavenly choir.