MORRISBURG – Plaza Suite, the Upper Canada Playhouse’s latest production, tackles real issues of relationships and marriages with smart, comedic writing and relatable characters that any couple can relate to long after the curtains close.

If the walls of the Plaza Suite 719 could talk, it could tell you stories of love, lust, fear and, most importantly, comedy.

The play tells three different stories all within one room at the hotel.

The first acts follows middle aged couple Sam and Karen Nash celebrating their honeymoon in the room, trying to bring back some of the spark in their relationship, only to be met with heated arguments.

The second acts involves hot-shot Hollywood producer Jesse Kiplinger inviting his old high school sweetheart Muriel Tate, a suburban housewife, up to the suite. Tate thinks that there will be nothing but drinks and polite conversation, but Kiplinger has other things on his mind.

And the final act has a young bride locked in the bathroom, afraid to get married while her parents, Roy and Norma Hubley, try to coax her down to her wedding.

One aspect that might catch audiences’ attention is the play’s flowing tone from dramatically comedic to comedically dramatic to a straight up farce.

Plaza Suite, very refreshingly, improves on its narrative with slicker writing and better character development. In the first act, we witness a seasoned married couple who have lost most of the spark in their love.

While the act does have some laughs, there are some downright uncomfortable, quiet moments that genuinely feel earned.

There are talks and character development that help the audience understand what Sam and Karen have been going through in their marriage and in their own lives.

Even the second act, which is mostly set up for comedy, tackles people’s starlight view of Hollywood and the people who work in movies. But again, this feels earned because Tate looks at Kiplinger’s life as glamorous and exciting while Kiplinger brushes off her starry eyes with sarcasm and disinterest.

It shows that fame and fortune isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and it’s refreshing for a story to challenge the audience’s perception of a life where the streets are paved with gold.

Plaza Suite is a delightful breath of fresh air that will leave all couples, whether they be young, old, married or dating, with something to think about after the lights dim and the curtain closes.

The show continues until Sun., Aug. 26. To purchase tickets and check for showtimes, visit