Fake news, misinformation, indifference, political strategies that have little to do with running the province, all these new realities that confront the average Ontarian are alarming.

Understanding how our world works politically and how the planet in general operates is crucial.

We all agree that water flows downhill, birds fly, dogs bark and babies cry.

The sun rises and sets each day and the stars come out at night.

Our entire existence as a species is aided by and based on our ability to agree on what the reality around us is.

Driving your car or truck faster does not solve any existing traffic concern. It makes driving more dangerous.

It has been proven time and time again that speed kills, no matter where on the planet you live.

When a government makes the decision to raise the speed limit on certain roads as a trial run for raising the speed limit on more roads, but cannot explain the rational for the decision, you have to wonder if they know what they are doing.

Allowing alcohol to be served an hour earlier than in the past is a decision just as curious, and selling alcohol from corner stores makes life easier for no one.

Was this ever a pressing issue for people or business?

There is nothing wrong with alcohol or driving a scientifically prescribed speed.

We do not need anyone to tell us that drinking too much, just like speeding, more often than not, ends in a negative event. We all know this. It is reality.

There are so many other issues that need to be addressed such as our environment, food production, water supplies and health and wellness.

These all are daunting challenges that are going to catch up with us sooner than later, if not tended to, yet for the most part the province, and that includes all political parties have done little to move us forward to a safer and saner state of mind.

The current government’s lack of transparency and willingness to go ahead with issues that apparently few voters care, boggles the mind. There are many more items like employment, jobs, education and clean air that are seemingly left unattended, and drudging up past issues like abortion does nothing but stir the pot.

Explaining why all of Ontario’s businesses would be decimated should the minimum wage go up a buck or two was not as important as achieving a buck a beer that few cared about.

You can pick and choose what you do not like about the current provincial government, knowing that they may do some good like any other, but at first blush it seems that having your staffers drown out reporter’s questions with planned applause, as was the case back in August makes a lie out of the “For the people” slogan. You are not respecting the millions of voters who voted in the last election when you refuse to answer any of the questions from other parties or people in general.

The less transparent you are the more voters can see right through you.

– J.M.