The Editor:
The Winchester Press has been our community paper for decades, and we have always looked forward to our Wednesdays when we received our local paper in the mail.

We would enjoy reading about events happening near us, celebrate or mourn with our neighbours and friends, record on the calendar any upcoming events and think back to events in “Remember When.”

So it is with much dismay that we are now seeing in our local paper such negativity as in the new column “Some Things,” and also in some of the editorial remarks. Many of these remarks are vague and do not give specifics on why the writer is verbally attacking an individual. In my opinion, this is lazy “journalism,” and spiteful and petty. It seems during weeks when there is a lot of news that the writer doesn’t have to search or work hard for, this negativity is not apparent, case in point – a recent week’s issue with graduation photos and write-ups and the wonderful editorial regarding Mr. Stan Vanden Bosch.

It seems whenever the writer isn’t served up news on a platter, he or she goes for the jugular and attacks politicians at the municipal, provincial or federal levels.

If I wanted to read such nastiness, I can read it free on the Internet and on Facebook. Case in point – the multiple bashings that Councillor Tyler Hoy has been getting. Last week’s “Can’t help but wonder what it’s like in Councillor Tyler Hoy’s world? It’s all but certain he isn’t present, at least mentally, during North Dundas’ council proceedings,” was pretty vague about what exactly is Mr. Hoy’s “failure” according to the writer.

Could this be because Mr. Hoy was the only councillor to disagree with the burn ban after hours and because he gave a farmer’s opinion on why it wouldn’t work for agriculture? The writer is aware, I hope, of the amount of local economy and local tax dollars generated by farmers? Most small towns are no longer in existence due to factories, since so many have closed down and left Canada.

Small towns’ municipal governments rely on property tax dollars from farms. Businesses in small towns rely on farm owners using local services, and farms generate all these side businesses and employment opportunities for people who settle in the rural areas. So agriculture matters. And I think it’s a darn good thing that we have at least one person on council that is cognizant of this fact, and tries to speak for the farmer.

There seems to be a number of readers who have been taken aback at the meanness of “Some Things” and asked at your office who writes it since the writer stated one week that people had been asking and that “all of us” are writing it. Well, I’m not. I don’t like this type of so called journalism and I am debating whether I will be renewing my subscription.

If the Winchester Press is finding that their subscription base or advertising base is declining, look no further than the change in writing style to blame. Perhaps a change to more positive outlook or at least discontinue the vague, petty and nasty remarks in “Some Things.” There is enough of this garbage on the Internet without paying a weekly newspaper for more of the same.

Pamela Ropars