WINCHESTER – North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser is a wanted man.

On Sat., Jan. 19, Fraser will be cuffed at Winchester Foodland as part of Seaway Valley Crimestoppers annual fundraiser.

It’ll take more than a kiss on the cheek to get North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser out of “jail” during Seaway Valley Crimestoppers fundraising event Sat., Jan. 19.

In all, Fraser will be shackled with 250 sets of handcuffs, and the only way to break free is to have donations made to the organization. Every $10 donation will unlock a set attached to the mayor.

The event gets underway at 10 am.

Beyond Fraser, area OPP Const. Tylor Copeland will be “arresting” other local business owners and notables from the community. Each person arrested will have a “bail” bucket designated to them. Fill it up and the inmate will be released.

Winchester Foodland owner Dan Pettigrew (front) was shackled by OPP Const. Tylor Copeland during the 2018 fundraiser. Uhrig Photos