CHESTERVILLE – The streak was bound to be broken sooner or later as Chesterville’s run in the Meet Me on Main Street series of events was rained out Wed., July 25 and moved into the Chesterville and District Arena.

“We weren’t sure how it was going to be in the arena, we were just kind of nervous about what kind of crowd we were going to have,” said North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan. “We were thinking, ‘are people going to come because it’s not on the main street.’”

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However, the numbers in the crowd did not greatly suffer due to the sudden change in venue.

“We’re very happy with this,” said Duncan. “This is a lot more than what we expected considering it not being on Main Street, we’re happy with how it went.”

Despite the sudden change in venue, the Meet Me event went without any hitches as local brewing companies Rurban Brewing and Humble Beginnings Brewing Co. were offering locals their signature drafts while the band Jeff and Joe performed country favourites for the crowd.

However, the turn out for the event may have been too good to be true as the parking was very hectic. Locals had to park their vehicles behind the arena, on the grass and even next door at the Legion Hall and LCBO.

“The parking may be a little tight but I don’t think it’ll be an issue,” said Brandon Cousineau, the township’s recreation co-ordinator. “We have high scale hockey games here all the time where we have 200 or 300 people in the stands and it’s never really an issue.”

Mikaela Beaudette served customers Rurban Brewery’s signature drafts with a cheerful smile. Press Photos – Glover

Duncan added: “Really, honestly, it’s a good problem to have. People are coming in and out, some people are parking over across the street but everyone’s laughing about what a great problem it is to have.”

If, by chance, you missed any of the other four Meet Me on Main Street events, you can still catch the final one tonight (Wed., Aug 1) in Winchester. The event has been moved to the Joel Steele Community Centre due to expected rain.