MORRISBURG – Members of the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee got the green light from South Dundas politicians last week to forge ahead on construction and fundraising plans to build a historical landmark in the village reflecting the “Old Morrisburg.”

The waterfront group will be acting on a proposal to create a miniature village of Morrisburg’s 1950 topography – before the St. Lawrence Seaway Project flooded the former Main Street – to be installed along the waterfront trail.

The target opening date has been set for July 1, 2018, which would be the 60th anniversary of the Seaway flooding.

The Morrisburg Waterfront Committee recently got the go-ahead to act on plans to build a miniature village of the “Old Morrisburg,” showcasing the downtown streets that were flooded by the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958. Pictured is a proposed then-and-now overlay map overlooking the flooded downtown, with a “You are here” marker.

The miniature village would be built on a concrete pad at a scale of 1:87, and highlight the downtown streets that are now underwater in blue. A then-and-now overlay map sign has also been proposed along the waterfront trail as well, facing south toward the flooded downtown, with a prominent “You are here” marker.

A sub-committee of the waterfront group has been formed to carry out the project, with Morrisburg resident and retired high-tech executive John Gleed leading the way.

The sub-committee’s initial fundraising goal for the mini-village has been set at $100,000, with another $100,000 expected to create a maintenance and support fund.

The group plans to distribute house and building model creations (estimated at 200 buildings) out to the community, including schools (woodworking classes), businesses, and families.

Potential methods and materials to create models would include machined and carved wood blocks, fibreglass, 3D printed, sculptured pottery and polymer clay, molded plaster, cut and carved insulation foam, and shaped sheet metal. The proposal also suggested that the models be painted to varying levels of detail by the creators, volunteers, and high school art classes.

According to committee members, the next steps are to get feedback on how to build and improve the project; solicit house and building model builders, artists, and other support; and solicit cash donations and in-kind services for the project.

For more information on how to get involved, check out the Morrisburg Model Village Facebook page, or visit the website at