WINCHESTER – Dare to Flash a ’Stache came to an end this year as Dan Pettigrew, owner of Winchester’s Foodland, sat still and Marie Byrne shaved off his moustache and beard.

The grand Pettigrew face reveal capped off a month of fundraising in support of Winchester District memorial Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital. Supporters gathered at the Winchester Foodland Sat., Dec. 1 to reveal the fundraising total. Even though the Dare to Flash a ’Stache event is over you can still make a donation to their cause until Dec. 31.

This year’s total was $9,551 with $1,721 coming from Foodland employees.

Marie Byrne begins to shave off the beard and moustache of Dan Pettigrew.

“Everyone was very pleased with the event. We exceeded our goal for raising funds but I know we created more awareness of prostate cancer in the area. Again I want to thank everyone who participated plus all those that donated. Special thank you to Dan Pettigrew and his staff at Foodland, Winchester for their support,” said Tom Clapp who spearheaded the event.

There were several exciting categories participants could take part in.

The most funds raised award went to Ted Ceelen, while Paul Mayotte had the bushiest mustache and David Smith had the brightest. The best attempt to grow a mustache was by Keith

Fong and the second best attempt was made by Doug Nugent. The most creative mustache was given to Paul Allan and the most Santa-like was awarded to Tom Clapp.


Getting ready to cut the cake are, front row left to right: Dan Pettigrew, Linda McMahon, Jennifer Van Noort, Cindy Peters, and Tom Clapp. Back row : Doug Nugent, Paul Mayotte, Ken Alcock, Ted Ceelen, and Paul Taylor. Morin Photos