MOREWOOD – North Dundas received a major helping hand from Enbridge in the purchase of a new generator for the Morewood fire detachment.

Mayor Tony Fraser and Enbridge representative Alek Dupras presented a cheque for $7,500 to Ken Byers, chief of the Morewood fire detachment.

The need arose for a replacement generator when it was discovered last year during a power outage that it wasn’t able to supply power and run the fill station at the same time.

The fill station is vital as it services all North Dundas detachments to load their oxygen tanks. In anticipation of the purchase, $10,700 was set aside in the 2019 budget.

The original generator was purchased during the 1998 Ice Storm.


Pictured are Shelby Chambers (left), Eric Wilson, Fraser, Dupras, Byers, Shawn Mattice, and Doug MacGregor. Schoch Photo