MAPLE RIDGE – North Dundas District High School (NDDHS) staff honoured numerous junior-level students during a special ceremony Wed., Nov. 1 to recognize their outstanding achievements, extra-curricular activities, and superior academic performances.

Students who were in Grades 9, 10, and 11 during the 2016-2017 school year were presented with honours recognizing above-average grades in their programs, as well as program-specific awards and medals for high academic standings.

Top performers

The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to the most well-rounded students who demonstrated high academic achievement, co-curricular participation, leadership ability, and community involvement. Grade 9: Olivia Salmon. Grade 10: Ian Koch. Grade 11: Payton Halpenny.

Three students were also handed gift certificates sponsored by the school council for demonstrating improvement in their academic endeavours through perseverance, dedication, and commitment to the high school. Grade 9: James Drynan. Grade 10: Michael St. Louis-MacIntosh. Grade 11: Barrett Hall.

Medal winners

NDDHS medals were awarded to the students who attained the highest academic standing in their respective programs.

Grade 9 academic: Olivia Salmon (gold) and Maddi Crober (silver). Grade 9 applied: Austin Hutchinson (gold) and Fabienne Puenter (silver). Grade 9 essentials: Justin Parman (gold) and Amber Lynch (silver).

Grade 10 academic: Cameron Cotnam (gold) and Zachary Jacques (silver). Grade 10 applied: Chase Holmes (gold) and Jacob Holmes (silver). Grade 10 essentials: Taylor Bazinet (gold) and Joshua Miller (silver).

Grade 11 university: Samantha Cormier (gold) and Andrea Koch (silver). Grade 11 college: Haley Eglinton (gold) and Megan Don (silver). Grade 11 workplace: Christine Idlout (gold) and Barrett Hall (silver).

A handful of North Dundas District High School students received medals for achieving the highest academic standing in their respective programs during a special ceremony Wed., Nov. 1.

Art and drama

The arts department presented awards to the top-performing students who demonstrated outstanding commitment to excellence in their program. The Grade 9 NAC awards went to Leila Bennett (English) and Brooke Richards (French). The art awards went to Ashley Wheeler (Grade 10) and Samantha Cormier (Grade 11), while the drama awards were presented to Jamie McFarlane (Grade 10) and Dawson McShane (Grade 11).

Physical education

Several students were recognized for demonstrating outstanding achievement in the active and healthy living, and active participation components of the physical education program. Grade 9: Olivia Salmon, Curtis Bell, and Owen Richardson. Grade 10: Grace Cave and Ian Koch. Grade 11: Andrea Koch and Jarrett Williams.

Canadian and world studies

The Canadian and World Studies awards were presented to the highest achievers in geography, history, Canadian law, and forces of nature programs.

Grade 9 geography: Zoey Patterson (English); Maddi Crober and Olivia Salmon (French).

Grade 10 history: Zachary Jacques and Ashley Wheeler (English); Grace Cave and Ian Koch (French). Grade 10 civics: Jarid Byers.

Grade 11: Will Dunlop and Mackenzie Nelson (Canadian law); and Andrea Koch (forces of nature).

Special honours and awards were also given to the students who achieved high-academic standings in their respective programs. Press Photos – Gosselin


The English department presented awards to students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 who demonstrated outstanding achievement in their respective programs.

Grade 9: Maddi Crober and Carley Milne-Servage (academic); Elizabeth Wopat (applied), and Justin Parman (essentials).

Grade 10: Olivia Salmon (academic), Abby Geertsma (applied), and Joshua Miller (essentials).

Grade 11: Samantha Cormier and Andrea Koch (university); Devon Billings and Justin Shay (college); and Lexi Seward (workplace).

The Empey Trust Award ($70) was also presented to Samantha Cormier for achieving the highest average in English throughout Grades 9, 10, and 11.


The French awards were given to students in each program who demonstrated above-average achievement and interest in the area of second language learning.

Grade 9: Madison Hart (immersion) and Zoey Patterson (core).

Grade 10: Ian Koch and Matthew Roach (extended); and Darin Elliot (core).

Grade 11: Andrea Koch (extended) and Rosie Backes (core).


Students who demonstrated dedication, academic excellence, and effort towards the math program were recognized for their success.

Grade 9: Kendra Bueley (academic), Austin Hutchinson (applied), and Justin Parman (essentials).

Grade 10: Ian Koch (academic), Jacob Sinclair (applied), and Alyssa Wopat (essentials).

Grade 11: Samantha Cormier (university), Sierra McFaul (college), and Hannah North (workplace).

Science, social sciences, and humanities

Top students were recognized for demonstrating the greatest interest, achievement, and commitment to their science programs.

Grade 9: Olivia Salmon (academic), James Drynan (applied), and Justin Parman (essentials).

Grade 10: Nicholas Brugmans (academic), Chase Holmes (applied), and Taylor Bazinet and Joshua Miller (essentials).

Grade 11: Samantha Cormier (chemistry, university biology, and physics) and Dylan Martin (college biology).

Food and nutrition: Abby Zersch (English).

Introduction to anthropology, psychology, and sociology: Mackenzie Nelson (university) and Megan Don (college).

Business, computers, and technology

The business department presented an award to the student who combined academic excellence and achievement in the business course: Andrea Koch (Grade 11 university accounting).

Grade 9: Kennedy Handley (Integrated Automotive Award); Delaney Halpenny (Integrated Construction Award); and James Drynan (Overall Integrated Technology Award).

Grade 10: Taylor Bazinet (transportation technology); Cameron Cotnam (construction technology); and Chris Cotton (manufacturing technology).

Grade 11: Jared Hutchison-Hackett (transportation technology), Jeremy Gutknecht (construction technology), and Logan Lacasse (manufacturing technology).

The Technology Excellence Award was presented to the student who demonstrated a strong commitment and involvement in all three major technology areas: Jeremy Gutknecht.

The Design and Technology Award was presented to the Grade 11 student with great potential in the area of graphic design: Anna Gruich.


The Co-operative Education Award was presented to the student in the Grade 11 co-op program who demonstrated exceptional results in all areas of Co-operative Education: Michael Beards.

Other awards

The Career Studies Award was presented to the student who demonstrated a high level of achievement in meeting the expectations of the portfolio and the final research project: Peter Xidias.

The GPP Leadership and Peer Support Award was presented for outstanding achievement in the practical application of leadership and peer support skills: Maddison Barkley.

The Leo’s Award ($100) was presented to the outstanding student who combined leadership with volunteerism: Jennifer Workman-Suttle.

The Alyse Cronin Memorial Award ($150) was presented to a student who has demonstrated care and compassion for others, and has used these traits in his or her efforts to improve the lives of others: Payton Halpenny.