Four-day closure

MAPLE RIDGE – It was an unplanned, and certainly an unexpected four days off from school last week for North Dundas District High School students.

Fire hit the main electrical panel at the Maple Ridge facility during the overnight hours Mon., April 29, and the fallout was calamitous.

No injuries resulted from the blaze, though all pre and post-school activities were halted full stop.

School custodial staff remained on site during the duration of the power outage, assisting electrical contractors who packed in several hours of work throughout the educational facility’s closure.

While flames from the fire were contained to the room housing the panel, the damage was more far reaching given that the infrastructure powers the entirety of the school.

Principal Angela Grandy and other higher ups with the Upper Canada District School Board immediately put measures in place to keep staff and students off the County Road 43 property.

When staff and students returned Mon., May 6, a portion of the facility remained closed, including the cafeteria, which resulted in the cancellation of the daily breakfast program.

However, it was back to regularly scheduled functioning Tues., May 7.

School board officials haven’t yet announced the financial impact of the fire, nor has the exact cause of the blaze been revealed.