Members of the recreation committee, meanwhile, couldn’t wait to try out the climbing equipment themselves. Pictured are Tracy Yalden (top, left), Shellie Spencer, and Chad DeJong. Middle row: Marlene Lewis (left) and Lisa Martel. Front row: Janice Froats (left), Cindy Ault Peters, and Erin Fletcher.

The Matilda Memorial Recreation Committee had the park in Brinston overflowing with supporters Sat., Oct. 28 during the organization’s second annual pig roast. Beyond the meal and community celebration, attendees came out to catch a glimpse of the newly installed playground equipment. The structure comes courtesy of the Ault family, and a $60,000 donation by the family in memory of former Brinston businessman Frank Ault, who played a part in the park’s opening many years ago.

Ault’s family gathered following a ribbon-cutting opening of the new equipment. Pictured are Cindy Ault Peters (front, left), Patricia Fawcett Ault, and Nikki Ault. Back row: Kelly Peters (left) and Bill Ault. Susan Sloane photos