METCALFE – Residents from all over the area geared up in their finest flannel shirts, ripped jeans and rubber boots Sat., June 16 to compete in the fifth annual Carleton County Redneck Games.

The object of the competition? To take part in a series of redneck-style challenges in teams of four to earn enough points to win the first place trophy.

These games included the beer bottle shooting gallery, the tote bag race, toilet seat horseshoes, beer can art and much more.

The object of the beer bottle shooting range is to use the water rifles to shoot off as many coloured balls atop of the bottles as possible in a limited amount of time. Pictured: Oscar Peters (left), Andrew Huitema, Evelyn Harai, Justin Smith, Cailen Bromley, Meredith Mulligan, Jamie Schultz and Hannah Ross.

“We do this every year as a fundraiser for our club, the Carleton County Junior Farmers,” said Quintina Cuddihy, the club’s provincial and social director. “It’s a great way to bring everyone together in the community for a bit of fun, whether you grew up on a farm or not.”

After the teams have competed in the all the games, there’s one final challenge called The Amazing Race where competitors go on a scavenger hunt throughout the entire Metcalfe fairground.

“We literally send out the teams on a big hunt all around the fairgrounds,” said Cuddihy. “We also have other challenges for the teams including a questionnaire about the Carleton County Junior Farmers members. Also, each of the volunteers at the game have a different challenge for people including singing the alphabet in a redneck slur, worshipping them like a god, making animal mating calls and other silly challenges. They’re rated on creativity.”

If you thought jumping in a sack race was hard, try doing it simultaneously with three other people. The entire team of four is put into a single, large tote bag and must race an opposing team to the finish. Oscar Peters (left), Andrew Huitema, Justin Smith (behind) and Evelyn Harai tried their best not to trip over each other.

The club usually raises funds for 4-H scholarships, items for the local food bank and renting out place like the bowling alley for seniors.

“It may not have gone completely as planned as we did start late, but it still turned out great,” said Cuddihy. “I’m very happy that everyone came out and supported a wonderfully fun event.”

Taylor Campbell, right, tried his hand at toilet-seat horseshoes, where competitors use toilet seats to get a ringer. Press Photos – Glover