WINCHESTER – Accomplished singer-songwriter Sean McCann will once again take the stage at Winchester’s Old Town Hall Sat., Feb. 10.

McCann has released several solo albums since his 2012 departure from the iconic Newfoundland band, Great Big Sea.

Most recently, McCann released his newest record titled There’s A Place.

This will be the third year in a row that he’ll play the 80-seat venue.

Sean McCann

“I love the people of Winchester,” McCann said. “It’s great when a community has something like the Old Town Hall to go. For me, it is a great little room to play at.”

While McCann has played the biggest of venues during his years touring with Great Big Sea, he said there is something special to play in smaller venues like the one in Winchester.

“I love that I can really hear everything,” he said. “I get way more out of playing venues like that, I really love doing it.”

Another bonus for the Newfoundlander is the fact he doesn’t have to follow a setlist; he plays whatever he’s feeling the night of a show.

“It is freeing playing solo on the stage,” he said. “I don’t follow any setlist. Before a show, I’ll be backstage playing different songs and say to myself ‘Oh, I like that one’ and they’ll be played.”

The songs that McCann strums on his guitar in front of his audiences are ones that either he’s written as a solo artist or as a member of Great Big Sea.

“People love to hear the Great Big Sea stuff so I will play a couple of those during the show,” he said. “I get asked to play popular ones like ‘Ordinary Day’ or deep-cuts like ‘Good People.’ I love to get people to sing with me.”

McCann also takes requests from the audience at his shows.

McCann, who is in his sixth year of recovery from alcoholism, said the shows are important on his journey to being a better version of himself.

“These shows are my meetings, it’s been my therapy,” he said. “The best version of myself is when I’m on stage.”

When asked who his musical influences are, McCann pointed out three, all of whom played in various genres.

“Johnny Cash is one, he was so cool,” he said. “The others would be Joe Strummer [lead singer of The Clash] and Bob Marley.”

McCann’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify and BandCamp.

Tickets are $30 online at or $35 at the door while quantities last.

Doors open at 7 pm and the show begins at 7:30 pm.