Tina Turner really had a bead on it when she screamed through her glossy lips, “You’re simply the best. Better than all the rest.”

Maybe that iconic track was blasting through the speakers at the offices of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and Robinson Consultants after they were recently honoured with the Award of Excellence from the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) for the design of the Iroquois roundabout.

It is a prestigious award, but maybe Benjamin de Haan, director of transportation and planning with SD&G had Tina turned up a little too loud when he said, “Put simply, this award demonstrates that SDG’s roundabout in Iroquois is one of the best in Ontario.”

The best in Ontario? It’s a lovely roundabout, but the best in the entire province?  It does check all the boxes. It’s round, has a lovely centre with decorative rocks, there are roads that go in and out of it… and it’s round!  But have you ever seen the ones in Kemptville? They’re quite snazzy. Embrun’s roundabout is nothing to sneeze at.

Maybe de Haan is onto something though. When you’re planning a family outing or vacation this summer, surprise them with a visit to the best freakin’ roundabout in Ontario! Think of the looks on their faces! You could make a whole day of it. Have a family picnic in the centre. Maybe drive around it a few times and even take a few selfies beside it.

While we’re at it, we should also celebrate some other pieces of infrastructure that are of exceptional quality. The sweeping right hand turn on County Road 43 before the County Road 1 turnoff is stellar. We also have some dynamic train crossings that when you hit them right give you some sweet airtime.

While we’re obviously writing with tongue firmly planted in cheek, the statement by de Haan does raise an interesting question worthy of debate – who is the best at what they do in Dundas County?

We have coffee shops, restaurants, clothing designers, mechanics, service providers and business owners of every shape, size and colour but we rarely toot our own horn. Shouldn’t we recognize those that have consistently provided us, and tourists alike, with exceptional experiences? Maybe it is time we did that.

With that thought in mind, we at the Winchester Press will soon be offering you the opportunity to nominate and vote for the “best of Dundas County”.

It’s about time we took some pride in the people that serve and represent our communities. Even if the idea came to us in a roundabout way.

– T.S.