RIVERSIDE HEIGHTS – A large group of people packed the George Jowett Memorial Hall in Riverside Heights Sat., Feb. 3 to support five-year-old Keira Reaney.

Reaney, who has faced many challenges in her young life after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis at 15-months-old, was the ambassador and cheerleader for this year’s Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids event. The day was supposed to feature snowmobiling; however Mother Nature did not cooperate. Flocks of people still packed the hall for breakfast, which was donated by the Riverside Heights Recreation Committee and served by the Morrisburg Lions Club.  In total, $4408 was raised by the event.

The fact that so many showed up and supported the event was great, according to Keira’s dad, Scott.

Snowarama co-ordinator Heather Cooke-Erwin (left), Kiera Reaney and fundraiser Jean MacDougall posed for a picture during the event’s breakfast in Riverside Heights Sat., Feb. 3. Press Photo – Kennedy

“The greater community has always helped us. Everybody has been very supportive of Keira since she has had her difficulties,” he said.

Keira also makes for a great ambassador for Easter Seals Kids, according to her mom, Emma.

“She has a beautiful smile, she seems to draw people,” she said. “She’s a great ambassador and cheerleader and she’s our princess. We are happy to be involved.”

Scott also acknowledged that being involved in the event was rewarding to the family.

“It means a lot to us if in some small way, Keira’s involvement and our involvement can raise funds for Easter Seals because it helps a lot of families who have children with exceptionalities like Keira,” he said. “There are a lot of financial burdens that are very difficult for some families to cope with. Everyone has been so kind to us so we like to be kind in return.”