These are very busy times, especially if you use your various news feeds to keep yourself up to date and informed.

The Niagara Falls of pictures, sounds, stories, memes, ideas, and downright craziness can and will be injurious to your health at the very worst, and at the least a distraction from putting the laundry on.

Forget about what is real or not, the sheer volume of information becomes a minute-by-minute challenge to your belief systems and to your nerves.

For your own safety try to look away from time to time.

An overwhelming landslide of digital sludge has overtaken what used to be considered a timely and efficient way to say “hello” to your friend or neighbour.

It makes more sense to try and train your cat to sing than try to unravel the twisted, biased, uninformed and absolutely poisonous blurbs that find their way to your Facebook page. The news feeds, with a few exceptions, are reasonably safe; however, they can be misleading in ownership and bias.

We still have not reached the fever pitch in Canada of fake news stories that the fake news providers are churning out in the U.S., but it would not be a stretch to assume it’s just a matter of time.

Normally folks with ideas that are absurd or illogical with no basis in reality never get the chance to voice them to more than a few of their like-minded friends.

Natural selection takes care of the nonsensical ones. If an idea or attitude actually makes no sense in the real world it usually dies a quiet and merciful death.

But with the advent of so many social media opportunities around us, the most bizarre ideas live on in an artificial soup of nonsense, with a few nuggets of spite and hate thrown in.

It is a shame.

Social media, when it first arrived, had the potential to have a positive influence on the rest of us. Instead it has become a compromised and bizarre party line where you can see and hear and smell everyone’s dirty laundry.

Who knows where all the clean laundry has gone off to.

Perhaps those who have had enough of getting upset from what they run across on social media have just given up.

It’s a shame for sure.

The solution may be to keep your true social media friends, and accurate news feeds close, and turn off the rest.

It’s not unlike weeding a garden.

We keep hearing that newspapers are in trouble and that no one cares about them, but consider this – when any one of the local paper’s staff goes out into the community for any reason, they come face to face with folks they are writing about.

They have to carry their integrity and honesty in their pocket at all times.

– J.M.