The bridge is definitely out
MORRISBURG – The long drawn out saga of the Nine Mile and Devries bridges finally came to a head Mon., Nov 4 when Carolyn Corkery from Halpenny Insurance Brokers, the municipal insurance provider, addressed the situation.

Corkery strongly recommended the Nine Mile Bridge remain closed as the municipality had a report in hand that cited significant repairs were needed.

Despite the push from Councillor Archie Mellan to open the crossing to ATV and snowmobile traffic, the lack of a report stating that those vehicles were approved for the structure was too much of risk for the rest of council.

The potential cost and process of removing the Devries Bridge, which is still open despite being in a greater state of disrepair, and Nine Mile bridge was referred to staff.

Carman House timeline
A report outlining the timeline of the outstanding work on Carman House once again had council scratching their heads.

Electrical work and civil work was scheduled to begin Thurs., Nov. 14 but the timing exterior work, entailing a new concrete landing, stairs and fire door remained a mystery.

With the weather turning, the dithering on the concrete work and lack of completion dates was especially frustrating for Mellan.

“Start dates are fine but I’d much sooner see the completion date,” he said. “I would highly recommend staff get on the phone first thing in the morning and say, ‘let’s go people. Move!’”

Council also moved to decommission the Carman House Museum to allow the tenant, Elly Bosman, to move back into the apartment on Sun., Dec. 1 while work is being completed.

No ice, no rink
The decision on how to replace the crumbling Iroquois outdoor rink building was officially put on the back burner.

The estimated cost of a mobile office rental unit, which would serve as a change area, as well as a port-a-potty, electrical hook-ups and an accessibility ramp was pegged at more than $10,000.

With the seasonal clock ticking, council deferred the decision until next year and instead directed staff to focus their efforts on recruiting a volunteer for the facility to ensure there would be a rink to skate on.

Councillor Lloyd Wells and Mayor Steven Byvelds both offered their apologies to the village of Iroquois and the users of the rink for not getting the situation resolved in a timely manner.