Spring is finally upon us. While the ushering in of a new season inevitably brings to mind warmer days, gardens bursting with colour and the rejection of bulky winter clothing, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the season for what it is; a time for spring cleaning.
Many of us will busy ourselves with the seasonal chore, but we should also use this opportunity to take stock of our communities as a whole.
Before us looms a provincial and municipal election with candidates that represent ideas and ideologies that are in stark contrast. In South Dundas, landfill issues have finally come to a head and historical buildings are being earmarked for demolition. In North Dundas, momentum gained in recent years needs to be maintained as the business world continues to evolve. In the countryside, the landscape continues to be shredded as huge swaths of acreage are cleared for farmland leaving Dundas County well below the required forest coverage. The United Counties of SD&G continue to search for an identity and a message to capture the all-important tourist dollar.
Too often we watch the events of the world pass us by as we shake our heads and complain to anyone that will listen about the current condition of the world. With the inundation of information about the failing state of the world at large, one can hardly be blamed for shrinking in the face of such a daunting task.
But, leaders are often not elected nor are they always in the spotlight or at the head of the room. Quite often they are among us, waiting for the right opportunity to stand up and effect positive change within the community. Don’t delay. Don’t wait for someone else to step forward. The community at large needs your voice, your helping hands, your ideas, your art and your commitment.
As our communities pave the way forward, it will be those that give the best of themselves that will determine our future and the quality of life we have. It is no easy task to be the first to stand up to be counted and too often we give up when results aren’t immediate. But, when faced with the fear of taking the lead and effecting change, take solace in the fact that in this, a highly fertile season of change, the seeds we sow today, we reap the benefits tomorrow.
So roll up your sleeves and dig in. Spring is upon us.
— T.S.