CF fundraising event a muddy success

METCALFE – What is normally a peaceful skating trail through a winter wonderland was turned into a firing range as gourds were launched through the air only to disintegrate violently on impact with the water-logged ground much to the delight of the children at the helm of the medieval weaponry.

This was the annual Squash CF pumpkin launch event held for the first time this year at River Oak Estates near Metcalfe Sat., Nov. 3.

The Levicki family worked together to launch some smaller pumpkins in the kids zone. Clark got some help from his mom Christine while Mike and daughter Jane looked on.

Although the day featured temperatures barely above freezing and heavy rain that turned the grounds into a giant mud pit in some areas, a large number of families not only braved the conditions but embraced the experience.

People were able to purchase pumpkins for $5 each or five for $20 while some people also chose to launch their own old jack-o-lanterns. Families had a choice of four different catapults or trebuchets to use, each with its own entertainment factor. The day also featured live entertainment, a bake sale, a local vendors tent, kids games, a food truck and Ottawa radio station Hot 89.9 on location.

John Bonnell, lead on the entertainment portfolio for Squash CF, was thrilled with the capabilities of the new venue after moving from their original location, the Richmond Nursery.

Abrahim Darwish pulled the cord to launch his pumpkin far into the muddy field at the Squash CF event Sat., Nov. 3.

“Some of the capabilities and what we could do there were a little limited so we came over to River Oak Estates and we’ve really just bumped our whole dynamic. Before we never had the vendor tent and a lot of the other entertainment features, but now we’re able to do it. We’re definitely very grateful for Richmond Nursery because they have given us so much. They gave us their property to launch the event from and they gave us all of our pumpkins again this year. They’ve been nothing but fantastic to us,” he said.

Squash CF first began in Nova Scotia in 2011 as a fun way to dispose of unused pumpkins and to do some critical fundraising.

Proceeds from the event benefited Cystic Fibrosis Canada.


Liana LaCasse embraced the muddy, wet weather at River Oak Estates. Yes, she was wearing rubber boots. Schoch Photos