Revised bid voted down

MORRISBURG – It turns out the installation of new equipment for Haldane Park was not as simple as your ABC’s.

Director of recreation and facilities Ben Macpherson came to council Tues., Aug. 13 offering his apologies for missed detail in A.B.C. Recreation’s bid, which would account for a $2,629.97 difference in total cost. The tender had been awarded to the company as it was the lowest submitted, but during the planning stage Macpherson discovered that they had not accounted for Fibar and TuffTimbers around the existing playground structure.

A.B.C. was made aware of this omission and resubmitted a price.

“They misinterpreted the drawing,” said Macpherson, adding that the tender was “very straightforward. It’s using language from previous playground tenders that we’ve put out throughout the years.”

The director admitted he should have looked into it further and that he “missed that on my end. I missed it.”

Councillor Don Lewis was direct in his criticism.

“I understand it’s just a little mistake and hopefully this will be the last mistake. Myself, personally, if I was the director of recreation and facilities I would have rejected this right off the bat,” he said.

Councillor Archie Mellan wondered aloud if other staff or CAO Shannon Geraghty should be checking over the tenders put out by Macpherson.

Councillor Lloyd Wells came to the defence of the director.

“I look at it very differently than everyone here. It’s cut and dry. You guys keep blaming yourselves,” he said. “It has nothing to do with you guys missing anything. You didn’t miss nothing. It says right here, the work was highlighted in the tender package and was supplied to all bidders. A.B.C. missed it.”

He went on to argue that A.B.C. should be held accountable for their error.

“The bottom line is, they’re the ones that made the mistake. They forgot it, end of story,” said Wells. “Either they do it or they don’t.”

The rest of council was convinced, although Macpherson questioned if that was allowable.

Mayor Steven Byvelds answered succinctly.

“If [their tender] is just a number on the bottom to do everything you said to do, that’s what they have to honour,” he said.

Added Geraghty. “They have to honour the full scope of work that was originally intended.”

The motion to accept the revised bid put forward by A.B.C. was defeated.