It comes to this — the final countdown to summer’s end.

Some have been longing for this, as the sometimes hot and sometimes hazy, but mostly wet weather seems to have stuck around for months, never truly relinquishing its grip, but giving only brief flashes of more seasonable temperatures.

As the calendar page flips over to September, some look back on the summer that was, and others remain focused on the months ahead.

The Mountain Township Agricultural Society celebrated the 125th offering of the South Mountain Fair complete with a nod to those who paved the way for what the event means to the community. Mountain’s organizational cousins in Chesterville marked a much younger birthday at 86.

Dairyfest, the 29th annual, has also come and gone. But, it was a party again, even if only for one day.

This weekend, Stormont County rolls out the red carpet to revellers from throughout the region for the 150th annual fair on the grounds in Newington. It’s an annual celebration as old as Canada itself, and organizers have packed the activity schedule full for four days of fun.

Fair boards in Russell and Metcalfe, meanwhile, are waiting in the wings for their time to shine.

Yes, summer’s tender grip remains firm, if only for a few more weeks.

It does seem like the time has passed by rather quickly doesn’t it?

There was also the five weeks of Meet Me On Main Street, which amazingly benefitted from some of the few nice days the area has been blessed with this summer.

Local farmers are no doubt looking forward to summer’s end, if only for the fact that maybe the torrential rains will be in the rearview going forward.

This past weekend saw the 100th anniversary at the Battle of Hill 70 memorial in Mountain. The memorial is arguably one of the nicer aspects of a hamlet that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but has never, ever, forgotten to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War.

On the political stage, this fall marks the official start of the election wheel both municipally and on the provincial stage.

Voters head to the polls in October 2018 to pick mayors and councillors, while Queen’s Park could be in for a shake-up next June. Either way, the electorate is wise to settle in for the ride.

What else will we see throughout what’s left of the year?