The 1st Williamsburg Scouts held their annual Timber Car Races Sat., March 30 at the Christian Reformed Church. More than 95 handmade cars were entered into the competition, which took place on their brand new four-lane track. Kids from the Otters, Timberwolves and Explorers, ranging in age from five to 14-years-old, took part in the daylong events.

This Swiss Cheese design by troop leader Andreas Moser may have had an advantage in size, but it left something to be desired when it came to stability. Safe to say the design had some holes in it.

Kids from the 1st Williamsburg Scouts watch as the timber cars race down the new four-lane track that replaced the more than 50-year-old three-lane set.

This timber car by Hnika Dutil-Moser shows how creative some of the handmade designs can be. Schoch Photos