Beginnings and endings.

They are everywhere and anytime.

You are born and have a birthday, you get up in the morning and have another beginning, you have an anniversary date on your job and relish the beginning of a good meal with a glass of wine. You break for lunch in the middle of the day and get ready for bed at the end of it.

In the world outside our heads, there are a few basic truths.

Gravity is real, the Earth spins around the sun, and all things have a beginning, a middle and an end.

It’s comforting and terrifying at the same time.

We all love beginnings and try to make them last as long as we can. I personally believe birthdays, and note that I just had one, should not only be celebrated on the day you are born, but also the rest of the month you are born in. A birthday on the latter part of the month could be logically carried over into the next month.

Beginnings and commemorating their moment in time remind us of the potential that we all have. We never know our personal “best before” date, but we can nail down our birthday and celebrate year after year our beginning.

The concept of beginnings and endings, while being imprinted in our genes remains a rule often ignored or denied.

You cannot turn the clock back and stay at whatever point in time you want to. Better to accept the place you are in, whether it is the beginning, middle or end and makes the best of things.

That long ago song by The Byrds called “Turn Turn Turn (To everything there is a season)” says it all. The lyrics for the song, written in the 1960s, were borrowed from the Bible and the book of Ecclesiastes and were written between the 3rd and 10th centuries B.C.

An ancient message about how life is broken down into its various stages is one every birthday celebration should include.

It is almost magical, that like a mathematical formula, the cycle of everything can be captured in its three stages of growth from beginning, to its middle, and to its end. Some say you can get stuck in the middle or refuse to move very far from the beginning, but the end, when it comes, rules over everything.

In many ways, to admit that you are part of your own particular timeline with various milestones along the way is a relief.

You need not feel guilty about being just a passenger in this process.

Farmers know all too well the way different seasons work, and politicians spend their careers trying to figure out which political season they are caught up in, but in the end all you can really do is live in the season you are in and wait for the next one to roll around.

There will always be another one until the last one.

Enjoy the one you are in.

— J.M.