RUSSELL -– The North Dundas District High School (NDDHS) track and field team had another strong showing during an invitational meet at Russell High School Tues., May 1.

Shaina Vandemheen excelled with a 1st place finish in the 400-metre hurdles, 2nd in the 200-metre event, and 4th in the 80-metre.

Mia Ziegler ended up on the podium twice with a couple of 3rd place finishes in 80-metre hurdles and 300-metre hurdles. Dylan Barkley also grabbed 1st in the 400 m hurdles.

Zac Hamilton placed 1st in long jump, improving from his 2nd place finish in Carleton Place.

Liam Antille (front, left), Curtis Bell and Jaymen Heuff practiced their starts in preparation for the SD&G championships, which were held Tues., May 8. Press Photo – Schoch

Alayna Gaudette finished 2nd in javelin and 6th in shot-put while Jessica Barkley finished 3rd in javelin and 9th in long-jump.

Other top 10 finishes included Ashley Wasylko Fletcher (7th 800-metres, 8th 1,500-metres), Katy Van Schyndel (7th javelin) Justin Schoenfeld (8th 800-metres, 8th 1,500-metres), Christie Douglas (9th long-jump) and Ashley Wheeler (9th 1,500-metres)

The relay team of Zac Hamilton, Parker Watt, Justin Schoenfeld and Shaina Vandemheen finished 3rd in 4×100-metre event.

The SD&G championships were held Tues., May 8 in Ottawa and EOSSAA will be held Thurs., May 24 to Fri., May 25 in Kingston.